Establishment and development

Vietnam Japan Institute for Human Resources Development


      Vietnam - Japan Institute for Human Resources Development (VJCC) is established by the decision 368/QD-DHNT of President of Foreign Trade university, signed on March 10th, 2017, on the basis of upgrading two Vietnam - Japan Human Resources Cooperation Centers in Hanoi and HCMC.

      VJCC Institute's functions are to conduct programs of training, studying, consulting in economic management and business management following Japanese model. This is the execution unit of VJCC Project "Developing human resources in business in VJCC" which is sponsored by Japanese Government and conducted through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

      After 15 years, VJCC Institute has always been highly appreciated by Vietnam business community and many associations of education assessment as one of the most reliable and qualified education associations in Vietnam. Activities in VJCC Institute which are now of new functions and missions, will be the key to partially help develop core human resources for organizations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), supporting industry in Vietnam and organizations and firms in Japan as well as strengthen up the cultural and educational relationship and business connection between Vietnam and Japan.


Message from President of Foreign Trade University and Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam 


"I would love to express my deepest congratulations to all VJCC's staffs, lecturers, specialists and students on the establishment of the institute.
The establishment of VJCC Institute marks the development of the relationship in terms of human resources training between Foreign Trade University and other universities, institutions, associations and organizations of Japan and Vietnam. This should be regarded as one of the greatest results of the Human resources development project by JICA in VJCC during the last 16 years. With 03 main core values for establishment and development - modern knowledge, Japanese methods and Vietnamese people - VJCC Institute will be the bridge bringing students and enterprises to Vietnam, to Southeast Asia, to Japan and to all over the world. "

Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan

President of Foreign Trade University 


"VJCC was established in 2000 with 02 centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city under the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA and Foreign Trade University. Its functions are to provide high-quality human resources for Vietnam's economy, as well as to promote the understanding between 02 countries through Japanese language training and culture exchange activities. I believe that in the future VJCC will reinforce its strengths in human resources training in Japanese style, as well as expand its scope to contribute more in terms of human resources for Vietnam."

Mr. FUJITA Yasuo

Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam


VJCC Institute's mission, vision and value propositions

Mission: Developing high-quality human resources in business management and administration following Japanese spirit; Being the bridge connecting knowledge, technology and career skills for business and social community; Promoting business, education and culture exchange between Vietnam and Japan. 

Vision: Vietnam - Japan Institute for Human resources development will become one of the most reliable organizations in education, research, consultancy and application in economic management and business administration under Japanese style and by Japanese standards.

Value propositions: Reliability - High quality- Practicality - Sustainability