• Time:

    12/6 - 14/6/2018

    Morning: 9:30 - 12:00;

    Afternoon: 13:30 - 14:30

  • Fee:

    3.450.000 VND/each person

    (including certificates, materials and tea-breaks) Special discount of 5% for payment made prior to 05/06/2018 and for any company nominating at least 5 people

  • Lecturer:


    CPO at S-pool join stock company

    Graduated from Law faculty, Meiji University

    One of founders at S-pool, in charge of a variety of sectors: releasing new software processing service, building a human resources management system...

    Currently responsible for bulding and operating human resources plicy for 6 companies of the group; recruiting more than 100 employees/year and training for about 700 staffs. 

  • Eligible participants:

    Top and middle managers

    Interested individuals

  • Content:

    1. Orientation

    2. What is a team?

    3. Team building

    4. Perspectives on leadership

    5. The variety and team building

    6. Perspectives on team communication

    7. Decisive communication

    8. The importance of teamwork

    9. Visions about teambuilding

    10. Conclusions