1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Preparation course
In order to meet the demand of the new JLPT examination held twice a year by Japan Foundation, VJCC Institute has simultaneously opened 04 courses in JLPT Prepration for N1 and N2 levels. Participants are the ones with intention of doing the exam in July and December. The courses' purpose is to raise Japanese proficiency of learners in all aspects: Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar, so as to achieve the highest result in their coming JLPT exam.

2. Business Japanese course
Specific courses are:
- Course for applicants of Japanese company
- Course of Trade transaction through E-mail
- Course of Japanese Translation and Interpretation in Economics
- Course of Communication Japanese

3. Professional working manners course
In this course, participants are enabled to get access to basic lessons and rules related to professional working manners - one of the key elements leading to the success and professional working style of Japanese companies.
The course is designed to let participants get used to professional working manners and to provide know-how on the importance and effects of these must-have manners when going to work.

4. Accounting in Japanese course
This course is conducted under the support of Association for Bookkeeping Promotion in Vietnam (ABPV). Beyong completion, participants are expected to acquire the introductory level 03 in accounting in Japanese.

5. General knowledge on Culture, Society and Business in Japan course
This course is conducted as a chance for Japanese language learners and Japan lovers who do not have chance to get to know about this country and its people, through the DVD system designed by NHK - Profect X Documentary and through direct interaction with guest specialists equivalent for each lesson's topic.

6. Holding JLPT test for staffs
VJCC Institute holds JLPT test for firm staffs with equivalent level and content with JLPT exam.