Library's terms of use



  • Mon - Tue - Thur - Fri: 09:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 19:00
  • Wed : 14:00 - 19:00
  • Sat: 09:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:00
  • Wed morning and Sunday, holidays: off


  • Required papers:
    - Identification card (or Passport) and Student card (for students),
    - 02 personal images (2x2.5 cm or 3x4 cm),
    - Recommendation letter from workplace or university/school. For freelancers, family-register or confirmed curriculumn vitae can be acceptable.

Types of member 

01 year card 

06 month card

+ Students below 18 years old (whole week)

100.000 VND

60.000 VND

+ Students (whole week)

150.000 VND

80.000 VND

+ Over 60 years old 

150.000 VND

80.000 VND

+ Employees

200.000 VND

110.000 VND

-    Membership card is valid from the date of application.

-    Learners of VJCC's courses are allowed to use the library during their course time. 

-    In case of any change in address, telephone number or workplace, please notify VJCC library through: Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: 043 7751278 extension number: 109 

Notice: Lunch break 12:00~14:00


-   For entrance: Produce their Library card and Luggage card for safeguards at the entrance gate to take your luggage box's key. You can only bring pens, notebooks into the library. Place your library card in required position.

-   For exit: After taking all of your luggage from luggage box, return the key to safeguards and take back your Luggage card.

-   You can use Luggage box as long as your membership card is valid. 


-   You can use all available materials inside the library (books, magazines, newspapers, cassette, CD, DVD,...)

-   You can pick books from categorized shelves. After finishing, please bring the book to the book returns desk.

-   If you want to use cassette, CD, computers, movie room or internet, please fill in the registration form and give your Membership card to library staffs. After finishing, please bring back all the equipment to registration desk and take back your membership card.


-    Only books of Vietnamese publishers can be borrowed, including Japanese learning books, culture books, business books or novels. No CDs or DVDs can be borrowed. Maximum number of document to be borrowed: 02 per time.
In case of late returns or damages, please make an appropriate compensations as required in library regulations.

-   For registering borrowing cards, please make a deposit of 200.000 VND/card, which will be refunded on the expiry date of your membership card. Maximum time limit: 02 weeks. Can be extended after being accepted by staffs through direct announcement or email, phone calls. Number of extension times is no more than 01 (02 weeks).

-    Japanese/English books can be borrowed by:
+ Lecturers at VJCC Institute
+ Employees in educational centers related to Japanese, , Social sciences and humanities 


-    For copying non-borrowable materials, users can register, pay cost, receive appointment note and return materials after at most 01 week.Độc giả có thể đăng ký copy những tài liệu không được phép mượn. Độc giả đăng ký theo mẫu, nộp tiền, nhận giấy hẹn và được trả tài liệu đăng ký copy chậm nhất là 01 tuần kể từ ngày đăng ký.

-    Copy cost is as required in library regulations.


    - Keep silence.

    - No cell phones or laptops allowed.

    - No eating or smoking allowed.

    - No writing or scratching books.

    -  No copying of library's materials under any forms without permissions from staffs.

    -  No library's assets can be brought out of the library without permissions from staffs. 

    - Violating acts will be punished following library regulations (warnings, fine, membership card suspension, ...)


In effect since: 01/09/2016





In order to meet users' needs of learning and studying, as well as to guarantee the copyright of all materials, since 01/10/2014, VJCC Institute started applying regulations on copying as follows:


-      No copying of more than 20 pages/time.

-      Each member copy no more than 25% of total materials for the total number of times.


-      Filling in the registration form

-      Making deposits

-      Receiving appointment note

-      Receiving copied materials no later than 03 working days since the date of registration.

Cost of copying is as required in the library regulations.

                Photo A4 (1 page): 500 dong/page

Photo A4 (2 pages): 800 dong/page



1. Overdue borrowing

- The borrower keeping a book in excess of time limit will have to pay 1000VND/day from the due date.

2. Loss

- In the event of materials loss, the borrowers must replace the lost with the new ones for the library and submit a certain amount of fine if exceeding the deadline. If not being able to make compensation, a fine of double the market price of the materials is required. 

3. Writing/drawing on the books, newspapers, magazines; or causing any damage to materials and equipment 

- In case of writing/drawing: the borrower has to return the materials in their initial status and be suspended from using the library membership card for the next 02 weeks. If not being able to return the materials, the borrower has to pay a fine.

- In case of damage: the borrower has to compensate for the library the whole new similar materials. If not being able to do so, a fine of double price of that materials is required.

4. Other cases of violations: based on the level and extent of violations, forms of punishments will be applied accordingly.