On 18th August, 2017, the closing ceremony of Senior Business Program (Keieijuku) cohort 8 has taken place at VJCC Institute.

On 18th August, 2017, the closing ceremony of Senior Business Program (Keieijuku) cohort 8 has taken place at VJCC Institute. 

The ceremony welcomes honored guests from foreign affairs, economy and commerce's agencies of both Vietnam and Japan: Mr. Katsuro Nagai - Envoy of Japan Embassy in Vietnam; Mr.Atsuto Kimura - General Secretary of Japanese Bussiness Association in Vietnam (JBAV); Mr. Ryutaro Kobayashi - Deputy head of JICA office in Vietnam. 

Especially, the ceremony also welcomes the participation of Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan, Party Committee Secretary, President of FTU, Director of VJCC Project; other members of board of directors, Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Thu Thuy - Vice president of Foreign Trade University; Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thu Thuy - Vice President of Foreign Trade University; Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien - Director of VJCC Institute; experts and specialists of JICA; head of different departments from Foreign Trade University; representatives of enterprises in cohort 8; journalists and reporters.

Image 1: Closing ceremony of Keieijuku cohort 8 - Hanoi 

After 10 months, including 02 weeks of internship in Japan, 24 entrepreneurs and 4 lecturers of Foreign Trade University have successfully conducted their graduation report defense and received certificate on completing the Keieijuku from President of Foreign Trade University as well as recognition medal from Japanese Embassy in Vietnam  

Image 2: Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan, President of Foreign Trade University is giving speech at closing ceremony of Keieịuku cohort 8 - Hanoi 

Giving a speech at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan, President of Foreign Trade University congratulates 28 participants graduating from Keieijuku cohort 8 and highly appreciates their learning attitude and active application of learnt lessons into real life. For sure, the philosophy, vision and methods of Japanese business management will spread and be absorbed by 24 entrepreneurs, under whom 3000 staffs and workers are contributing about 12,000 billion VND to the society. 

The president believed that all the expectations and goals set for the course have been realized by all participants, and that with the increasing number of member to 279, the Keieijuku club will continue to grow and develop in the future. 

Image 3: Mr. Katsuro Nagai - Envoy of Japan Embassy in Vietnam is giving a speech at the ceremony

At ceremony, Mr. Katsuro Nagai - Envoy of Japan Embassy in Vietnam expresses his congratulations on the success of Keieijuku course, providing Vietnamese entrepreneur community with highly qualified source of entrepreneurs. It will definitely help promote opportunities for cooperation between two countries in terms of economy and trade. 

Image 4: Mr. Ryutaro Kobayashi, Deputy head of JICA in Vietnam 

Mr. Ryutaro Kobayashi, Deputy head of JICA in Vietnam highly appreciates the course in terms of its support for training Vietnamese entrepreneurs in industrial manufacturing field. Through VJCC Institute, Foreign Trade University, the course has been one of the most important projects between Japan and Vietnam in developing human resources for Vietnam. 

Image 5: Participants of Keieijuku cohort 8 and distinguished guests.

At the ceremony, on behalf of all participants, Mr. Nguyen Huu vinh, Director of VMC Vietnam expresses his gratitude towards organizers, supporters of the course. All the modules in Keieijuku have brought about opportunities for participants to learn knowledge and gain experience in corporate administration in general and in corporate social responsibility in specific. What have acquired from Keieijuku is more than valuable for enterprises when it comes to sustainable development.