On October 2nd, 2017, VJCC Institute hosted the opening ceremony of Senior Business Program (Keieijuku) cohort 10.


The ceremony welcomes honored guests from foreign affairs, economy and commerce's agencies of both Vietnam and Japan: Mr. Watanabe Go - First Secretary of Japan Ambassador in Vietnam; Mr. Kakioka Naoki  - Deputy head of Representative office of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); Mr.Takashi Matsushita, Senior Adviser (JICA). Especially, the ceremony also welcomes the participation of Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan, Party Committee Secretary, President of FTU, Director of VJCC Project; other members of board of directors, Head/Deputy head of related departments; board of chairman in Keieijuku Club and the attendance of 30 new participants of Keieijuku course cohort 10.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien, Director of VJCC Institute - host of Keieijuku emphasized the nature of the program which is the Japanese style training hub of businessmen. For the past 9 cohorts' success, together with new innovations and changes, VJCC now continues its mission not only to strengthen the connection within business community in Vietnam but also to between Vietnam and their partners in Japan by implementing the 10th cohort.

On behalf of VJCC project's director board, Assoc.Prof. Bui Anh Tuan, Party Committee Secretary, President of FTU, sends his congratulations to VJCC and especially 30 participants, who are managers/head of enterprises in Vietnam and lecturers of FTU, joining this year program. 

The president expressed his delight in witnessing the achievements of VJCC, especially of Keieijuku program. As for the new cohort, the president emphasized that: "With Keieijuku, participants not only learn business philosophy but also success secret of Japanese people, then applying into their own enterprises, contributing to the integration process of the companies. From the point of view of more than 1500 Japanese firms located in Vietnam today, the demand of cooperating with local SMEs is really high, thus, being able to understand Japanese signature management and administration system is of great essence."

As for Mr. Kakioka Naoki, Deputy head of Representative office of JICA, in the past 15 years, thanks to VJCC- Foreign Trade University, JICA has conducted many human resources training programs, among which Keieijuku is one. This course is believed to bring about the truest Japan's values to managers/head of Vietnamese enterprises.


Also sending his congratulations message to the new cohort, Mr. Watanabe Go - First Secretary of Japan Ambassador in Vietnam said:"The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has been approved, which enables changes to be made in Vietnamese business environment, especially the harsher competition between domestic and foreign goods/services. In order to win this battle, I believe that companies had better build a more effective administration institution for themselves, which can be helped a lot by joining Keieijuku course".

As an alumni. Mr. Nguyen Dao Vinh - Director of Van Vina Joint stock company, Vice President of Keieijuku Club shared his feelings and experience to the new cohort: “Joining the Keieijuku program, we believe that, apart from specialized knowledge on Japanese style business administration, you should expect to acquire cultural philosophy from experienced Japanese experts. All will help you change your mindset, better your thinking and innovate the business culture of the organization. The establishment of a new Japanese style administration model will be of great use contributing to the sustainable development of your business, contributing to the economic cooperation among Vietnamese and Japanese business community."

On behalf of the new cohort, Mr. Nguyen Trong Thuong, Deputy Director of Tan Phat Automation delivered a speech:  Everyone often raises a question like "Why us  and many other people want to join this training program instead of others?" The answers are that: First, we did have experience learnt at VJCC in the past years, realizing the conformity between VJCC's training methods and our companies' culture; Second, we have seen our Keiejuku alumni succeed in applying what has been acquired from the course into their firms; Third, we expect to be part of the Japanese business community, Keieijuku club with the spirit of cooperation and sharing. Thus, we highly appreciate the program which is useful not only for manufacturing companies in supporting industry like us but also for other industries..." 

The ceremony ended in happiness and pride felt by every attendants and organizers. 

The new cohort then started their first week right after the opening ceremony, with a special lesson by JICA expert - Mr. Toda Chosaku, Former CEO of US Market Director of the Panasonic Group, on "Building business for tomorrow". Hopefully, all new learners will follow the course till its end with the highest determination and enthusiasm.